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Somebody Gotta Die Tonight

This song is by The Diplomats and appears on the album More Than Music, Volume 1 (2005).

(Feat. Cam'Ron and Freekey Zeekey)

Zeek Dip, Dip, Dip, Dipset bitch
Dip Dip Dip Dipset bitch
Dip Dip dip Dipset Bitch
Dipset bitch Dipset Bitch

Why should I entertain lies in the game
Pies to my name
E 5 to his brain, die for the chain
Zeek hit the side of his brain, bang bang, fight in the lane
Dip Gang still ride with the Chain
Four guns to none, survive with the chain
You know who did it still grindin same
Now hide from the fame
I'm seein it mane, I'm seein vain
Damn that's my nigga 10 deep in the game mane
You hit the streets with Cane
Hit the streets in the Range
Shh, Shh, We ain't repeatin they name
Beep Beep, Leap Leep, Three Deep, Keep Heat, Leave Leave, Sleep in the Range
Fuck a mic, Mac sound check, I back down sets
Ask about me, do your background check
40th guns revolve around history
40 wolves or a unsolved mystery
Give your corner caution, I go on flossin
Fuck the robbery I be on extortion
Embrace the lecture, test taste the texture
Not Lance Rivera, nor Mason Betha
Get the 8 and stretch it, till they laid in strecthers
Till the red van come try to raid and wreck us
Evil yes infections
Put the stamp on if they got the needles check em

Hey Zeek you all right (yeah)
You wanna ride (yeah)
45 on my side (yeeea yeah)
Dip Dip Dip Dipset Bitch, Somebody gotta die tonight
Now Zeek in the pen (yeah)
I want revenge (yeah)
Mack 10 it extend (yeea yeah)
Dip Dip Dip Dipset Bitch, Sombody gotta die tonight

(Cam' Ron)
Aye Yo, I get the raw Double, to cop more hustle
Leave my case open hope I get in more trouble
More scuffles, so the Law can shuffle
To my door they know when I get bored HUSTLE
My Man Goffrey Joe, still stop and go
Get a glock and blow if I yell Da da Doe
Is you Raba (NO) Even mama know
I'm the shit but shit Vamoose gotta go
I visit Peru, just to canoe
Witnesses vision is too, They Mr. Magoo
Who, You, Me, Oh, I'm Killa Bitch
Hustler that's all and that gorilla stitch
40 years go by man still snitch
Niggaz fronted on Zeek man still I itch
No hammers that night Goddamn man
It was Amatuer night I played sandman
I keep that Bam Bam Bigilo
Cam the Damn nigga tho
Fam Fam every damn nigga know
So blam blam yeah you hear that trigger blow
Yes maam, toe ring and that there Figaro

(Freeky Zeeky)
Fuck y'all niggaz that's word to my mother B. If I catch anyone of y'all niggaz runnin' by, walkin' by, driven by, sneakin by, Imma kill y'all motherfuckerz. That's word to me, my Dipset fam, Killa C... Every motherfucken body. I niggaz wish, wish I was dead, but too bad for y'all motherfuckerz. Here I go. Then y'all gone run soon as see anything that looks anything like y'all. I don't give a fuck, its fucked up for everybody. I told I'm half Coo koo, half motherfuckin crazy. I seen y'all walkin' round wit the chain out talkin' bout try to rob me, try to rob me, I hope these motherfuckers try to do it 'cause I got somethin' for they stinkin ass oh I got somethin' for they stinkin ass. My foot in they ass. my fist in they face, My knee in the ribs, My finger in they eeeyyyyeee. Ima kill them. Dipset nigga

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