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At the monster dogs’ Christmas parade
Me and The Mad Monkettes we stop and wave
Here’s your conscience just in case you don’t have one
Rod Serling said, he said, “Gin and tonics all night long”
Let’s stop and wave

Spending like a punk rocker on payday
At the Village Halloween parade
Me and The Mad Monkettes we carry the day
Walking across that Williamsburg bridge, sir
Edward R. Murrow said, he said,
“This neighborhood’s gone to the dogs”
Just stop and wave

Broke as I’ll be on Monday
Going out in the woods today
Me and The Mad Monkettes we lose our way
“Do you think these bruises are sexy?”
Rasputina said, she said
And it was like the beginning and end credits
All at one goddamn time

The night is never too long
Not for me anyway
How is it for you so far away?
How did you get so far away?

Aging like a movie star’s heyday
Hemorrhaging money I make my way
Me and The Mad Monkettes

I ain’t got a regret
And I can’t forget it at all

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