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Friend And Foe

This song is by The Watson Twins and appears on the album Southern Manners (2006).

All this terror in my life
Paints a picture of my soul
And fading time

Hardly noticed
Hardly recognized that my sight
Had gone

Because I would rather hear a lie
Than to finally see all of this eye to eye
Oh it's the truth
It's more than I want to know

Oh where are these
Days going I can't say
But I have to stay

There's no other place for now
Whether I am here or I'm down in doubt
Cause no one knows my name
They can hardly see my face
No one can hear me when I sing

Friend and foe
Together, forever we'll be
Friend and foe
The place that drags me down will be
Friend and foe and when I look up in the sky
And when I look up in the sky
The birds they know, ooh

Spread your wings
Now you know
I can hear you sing, ooh

As you go (x3)

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