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Beautiful Day in the Cold Cruel World (1998)

The Warren Brothers - Beautiful Day in the Cold Cruel World

Beautiful Day in the Cold Cruel World

  1. Guilty
  2. Surviving Emily
  3. Better Man
  4. Greyhound Bus
  5. The Enemy
  6. Loneliest Girl In The World
  7. Cold Cruel World
  8. She Wants To Rock
  9. I Tried
  10. The One I Can't Live Without
  11. Just Another Sad Song
  12. Nowhere Fast

King of Nothing (2000)

The Warren Brothers - King of Nothing

King of Nothing

  1. Strange
  2. Waiting for the Light to Change
  3. Where Does It Hurt
  4. Superstar
  5. Move On
  6. No Place to Go
  7. Do-Ya
  8. What We Can't Have
  9. King of Nothing
  10. It Ain't Me
  11. That's The Beat Of A Heart (featuring Sara Evans)

Well Deserved Obscurity (2004)

The Warren Brothers - Well Deserved Obscurity

Well Deserved Obscurity

  1. Comeback
  2. Between the River and Me
  3. Change
  4. Southern Baptist Heartbreak
  5. Goodbye to Neverland
  6. Pretty
  7. Sell a Lot of Beer
  8. Trouble Is
  9. Quarter To Three
  10. Little Saviour of Brooklyn
  11. Runnin' Out Of Heroes
  12. Liquid Confidence
  13. The Lucky

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Other Songs

  1. Come Back
  2. That's The Beat Of The Heart

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