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Tuff Ghost

This song is by The Unicorns and appears on the album Who Will Cut Our Hair When We Are Gone? (2003).

Tuff ghost, tuff crowd, tuff love
Sit down, sit down, sit down

Say something now

The tuff ghost disappears for 3 days
The tuff ghost is set in his ways
I don't want to hurt you

Well you can't, 'cause I'm already dead

The tuff ghost is invincible
No guts came out when he bled

Well I lift weights, but I don't sweat.
I go for a swim, but I don't get wet
I don't care about anyone else
I'm a strong dead man, looking out for himself

I think you're suffering, that's why you're so mean
You're already dead
I can't see right through you X8

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