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The Killer

This song is by The Twilight Singers and appears on the album Blackberry Belle (2003).

That's right

I think we're lost, don't worry
I've been here before
I'm sure I thought I knew the way
Out of here yesterday
Dove cuesto mi dolce?
Your driver called, it's time to go
Your driver's waiting for you

And I caught a fever
A holy fire
Till I was crawling
On the ceiling
Come out of your hole
I know you know
You know I know
I want to go

Such a pretty thing I've never seen
Someone so perfectly deceive
I loved her smile
And her beguiling way with me
She smelled exciting, I wanted some
Your driver's gone, like everybody

And that's why I need you
To catch on fire
I want you to burn me
Till I feel it
I know you know
Which way to go
I want you to show me
So I can steal it
Where should we go?
Where should we go?
I know you know
That I'm going to need it
I know you know
Which way to go
I know you know
I want to go


Written by:

Dulli, Phillips

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