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Baby Blueblood

This song is by The Tragically Hip.

I got a cool hot baby lot of callus on my hand
Can't pretend I'm bored can't accept me as I am
Ain't any of us kooks at the bar's a seasoned band
I got a deep suspicion that I ain't your kind of man

I got to leave baby please
Why can't you see? yeah get up off your knees
Look at me it's an incurable disease
You got the blue blood baby and a taste for luxury
You got it blue blood you got it baby blue blood
You got it blue blood you got it baby blue blood

Well I'm a working man honey but you own the factory
You write a social column about your friends and family
You're an aristocrat's daughter babe you got their sympathy
You can't maintain your champagne taste on my beer salary

Well I'll try to tell you baby in the best way that I can
Thanks a lot miss serlive I can no more be your man
You got a big necklace makes me realize who I am
I'm a rock and roller baby not a prep school president

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