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You're Not An Ordinary Girl

This song is by The Temptations and appears on the album Gettin' Ready (1966).

You ain't got no halo hangin' over head
You ain't got no wings that you can spread
You ain't got no harp so you can play me song so sweet
You ain't got no golden slippers on your pretty little feet
Oh but to me you're an angel
To me you're an angel
You're not an ordinary girl
Because you're an angel to me yeah

Now you don't have sugar sprinkled all over you
You're not made of peppermint through and through and through
You don't come in assorted flavors like a package of charms
And you won't stain my shirt if you melt in my arms
Oh but to me you're candy
To me you're candy
You're not an ordinary girl
Because you're candy to me yeah

I know I have a cause
I have missions on trees
You might not know all the facts about the birds and the bees
You don't send me sweet love letters with the smell of perfume
My photograph might not be plastered all over your room
Oh but to me you're a sweetheart
To me you're a sweetheart
You're not an ordinary girl
You're a real sweetheart to me yeah

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