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My Love Is True

This song is by The Temptations and appears on the album Emperors Of Soul (1994).


When will you learn
I'm never gonna leave you girl
Please open your eyes and see
Your the only one for me baby
Of all the things we been through
It's made my love strong for you
We all need someone to depend on
You can count on me baby

My Love is true
My Love is true
My Love is true
Truly, truly, truly for you

Girl don't you know
Were standing underneath a halo
We been blessed to have this love affair
I can't let go, go nowhere
Blessing comes in many discuses
I'm so glad I recognize it
Your something special and very rare
What we got baby you don't fine anywhere

My Love is true
Only for you
My Love is true, oh baby
Truly, truly, truly for you

So girl take my love
(Take my love)
No matter where your heart may roam
Deep down inside of me baby yeah
Your love will always have a home
If ever a story should be told

Whatever time my unfold
Let it be said girl I always loved you
You can count on me baby
Cause my love is true

My Love is true (yeah)
You can always count on me baby (mmmm)
Truly for you
Truly, truly, truly for you
My love is true baby
Only for you
All my love is true
Love is forever with you baby
Oh yeah
Yes I know that time bring by a change
But there's one thing that will remain the same
And that's how I truly, truly love you

You're my world, you're my girl, you're my all and all and all

You're my pot of gold
At the end of loves rainbow
(At the end of loves rainbow)
And I couldn't dream of coming home
At the end of the day and you not be there

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