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Love Woke Me Up In The Morning (Live 1973)

This song is by The Temptations and appears on the album In Japan (1973).

Love woke me up this mornin', baby
Feeling fine, I had you on my mind
Oh. love woke me up this mornin'
And I haven't had a heartache today, today
And all my little tears have gone away
Skies are blue because of you
Love woke me up this mornin'
Thinking of last night
You know you make me feel alright
Wow wow wow
Love woke me up this mornin'
And I'm so glad baby because of you happiness is really mine
And all my cloudy days are far behind
And every place, baby, I see your face
Girl, I can smile
You made my life worthwhile
I haven't had a heartache, no not today or any other clay
And all my tears have gone away
Hey hey hey
Listen people
I can remember when I wished it would rain
Without the sunshine of your love
Listen people
There's smooth sailin' now
With you and me from now on
And I just want to say baby
No more cloudy days baby, baby, hey
Woo -- wo --

Now how many of you out there, people out there in the audience tonight can honestly say you feel the same way as we do, in saying love woke you up this morning and brought you no more cloudy days. Well, if any of you just so happens to feel the same way we do, just go on with the group.

No more cloudy days
No more cloudy days

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