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Introduction Of Band & Group

This song is by The Temptations and appears on the album In Japan (1973).

All right there: Once again. I'd like to say good evening to every body. My brothers are gonna go back and ah., refresh themselves, so this is a convenient time to introduce you to our most wonderful musicians. On bass guitar, let's here it for Eugene Woody Smith All right!
Hmm. hm. ym. What did I tell you. Ha ha
Hm hm hm
This handsome young man here we call him the Tom Jones of the Temptations Organization. On lead guitar. Bill Neale!
All right Bill.
Now that was soulful. All right'
On the drums, the very rhythmic, Aaron Smith. All right Aaron!
He really makes you feel like dancin'. Now Aaron is no relationship to Bill, and Bill is no relationship to Eugene - I can see that
Yeah. I think it is rather obvious. But whenever the Temptations need rhythm. we always send for our Smith Brothers. Right
Now that's right, that's right
Now. the young man with whom I was just speaking, he really needs no introduction because as many of you know we've learned so much from him in the past years, words
Are actually inadequate. I'm speaking of the Temptations' own Cornelius Grant, and the Orchestra! Go now take a bow.
Now seeing as how I've introduced you to everybody else, it is only proper and fitting that we introduce ourselves to to you by name and Astrologically. Hey fellows!
Haba haba haba

Starting with myself. I was born under the sign of Libra
My name is Melbourne Franklin
Ladies and Gentlemen. I was born under the sign of Aquarius, and my name is Dennis Edwards. Thank you
My name is Damon Harris and I was born under the sign of Cancer
My name is Richard Street and I'm also a Libra. Thank you
My name is Otis Williams and I was born under the sign of Scorpio.
Thank you.

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