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Compilation by various artists.

Volume 2

  1. I Am Just What I Am by Homer Brierhopper
  2. Poor Little Thing Cried Mammy by Three Georgia Crackers
  3. Barnyard Tumble by Bill Carlisle
  4. Old Molly Hare by Clayton McMichen & Riley Puckett
  5. Animals Coming In by Four Wanderers
  6. Johnny Booker by Cousin Emmy
  7. The Old Grey Goose Is Dead by Pickard Family
  8. Pretty Little Pink by Bradley Kincaid
  9. Free Little Bird by Dykes Magic City Trio
  10. King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-me-o by Chubby Parker
  11. Hop Along Peter by Fisher Hendley & His Aristocratic Pigs
  12. Horsie Keep Your Tail Up by Lew Childre
  13. The Nick Nack Song by Ridgel's Fountain Citians
  14. The Story That the Crow Told Me by Carolina Buddies
  15. Sue Cow by Bo Carter
  16. Skip to Ma Lou, My Darling by Uncle Eck Dunford
  17. Cindy by Gene Austin
  18. Say Darling Say by Virginia Mountain Boomers
  19. Liza up in the Simmon Tree by Bradley Kincaid
  20. The Old Bell Cow by Dixie Crackers
  21. George Washington by Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers
  22. Sourwood Mountain by Fruit Jar Guzzlers
  23. Angels Watching Over Me by Utica Institute Jubilee Singers

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