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When I Was A Kid

This song is by The Soft Boys and appears on the compilation album Invisible Hits (1983).

When I was a kid
I finished what I did
And I went upstairs in my dressing gown
So I was a kid everyone is that
I went up and I made damn sure
I never came down
Ain't it strange how people get older
They wear you on their head
And they print you on their shoulder
And never believe
I'll be more than free
At least evolve for me
When I was a kid
I wore a broad brim
And sat on him
His toothpaste major is no one oak level
People who traced your new ply devil and aging bee
I swear I could murder that guy
Though I always smile at him when he comes by
He turned me into a businessman
He turned me into a businessman
He turned me into a businessman
He turned me
When I was a kid
I drew blank mushrooms
Sat in ballrooms
Took it on
Then I knew I did
Have the lot when I'd got what I was given
I just took it and
I just couldn't form
Some people get bigger
Some just get dead
When their figures are bled
'Cause their heads are
Stoven right in by the waste of the time
They've been living in their hats so blindly

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