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This song is by The Soft Boys and appears on the album Nextdoorland (2002).

I've got my mojo and I am a piece of the action Oh strings
Got every black dog that crawls through your undergrowth
Each time I see you I peel off another excuse
Father in heaven or father in purgatory,
See what you see from the hill of the dead,
See into all of this little glass family, Strings
Oh Strings
Harmony ruins a bloody good racket,
And this little egg was distorted by mother, Oh Strings
I know I'm right but I just cannot argue,
Arguments make me blow up like a victim Oh Strings

Evil is the new enemy, evil is the new bad
Evil is the new enemy, evil is the new bad

Swing your partners round and round
Hanging just above the ground
Kiss me quickly wish me luck
Detonating in a ten ton truck
Love me tender on the roof
Afterwards there'll be no proof
Take your partner by the middle
Like a burger on a griddle
If you would retaliate
Just remember love is hate

Cut, cut

Mother is coming,
She wants to be friends so the poison can get in you
She's got a map of you, she knows the pressure points

I wish that I was just paranoid

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