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...In Lines and Patterns (1999)

The Six Parts Seven - ...In Lines and Patterns

...In Lines and Patterns

  1. As Easy As Sleep
  2. Plus And Minus Things
  3. There Is No There
  4. From California To Houston, On Lightspeed
  5. A Tribute To Old Style Romances
  6. (The Nature Of) Any Real Moment
  7. Simplicity Is Almost Enough
  8. Iowa Was Blacknight, Nebraska Sunrise
  9. The Order Of The Goodtime
  10. Last Dance For A Hundred Nobodies

Things Shaped in Passing (2001)

The Six Parts Seven - Things Shaped In Passing

Things Shaped In Passing

  1. Where Are the Timpani Heartbeats?
  2. Spaces Between Days (Part 3)
  3. Spaces Between Days (Part 4)
  4. Sleeping Diagonally
  5. Cold Things Never Catch Fire
  6. Seems Like Most Everything Used to Be Something Else
  7. Now Like Photographs
  8. The Want and the Waiting

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Band members:

  • Allen Karpinski - electric guitar, bass guitar, arrangements, juno, samples
  • Jay Karpinski - drum kit
  • Tim Gerak - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, home recording
  • Mike Tolan - bass guitar, sub bass, electric guitar, banjo
  • Jake Trombetta - lap steel, rhodes piano
  • Jennifer Court - clarinet
  • Keith Freund - cornet

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