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I Love To Walk

This song is by The Simpsons and appears on the television soundtrack Testify (2007).

Homer: I love to walk down the aventue, bust some moves with disco stu,
Disco Stu: you shake me from my booty to my fro!
Homer: oh I could walk down the boulevard, burning off my excess lard,
(To Patty and Selma) Top of the morning ladies!
Patty and Selma: bite us
Homer: I rarely feel the need to utter d'oh!
Oh I could walk, from Springfiend to Alaska, then hobnob with the stars in Malibu
Steve Bucami: hi Homer, I'm actor Steve Bucami
Homer: the guy who got fed into the woodchipper in Fargo?
(Steve Bucami nods)
Homer: and when I hear?
Turkish men: you can't walk to turkmeinistan,
Homer: I say of course I can, screw you!

(Turkish men hold sabers up to Homer and Steve's necks)
Steve: would you guys like ticket to the peoples' choice awards?
Turkish men: would we!
(Homer, Steve and Turkish men dance around in circle motions before Homer appears back in Springfield, followed by a 'V' shape of fellow Springfieldites)
Homer: oh yes I love to perambulate,
Its standing still I really hate,
So please let me re-iterate
I love to
(Marge runs over Homer in her car)
Homer: D'OH!

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