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Big S

This song is by The Shadows.


...I listen too my heart when I feel apart from you,
I say, I love you,
Rest in peace,
I miss you,
Our last call,
You told me too never give up,
And ill never give up,
I'll go straight too the top,
And I will never stop
I promise you
Our sayin' was all right dude,
But now I'm not sure if its all right,
Ill never forget you,
Never forget the times had,
I would of did anything too see you before you past,
Just so we could be together,
I'd do anything for one more moment just too see each other,
One more breakfast,
One last laughter
But I guess you're somewhere that's better,
And now I'm just sitting here saying R.I.P,
I just know you will always be here looking down on me,
I can hear it,
I can see you,
I want you to tell me what I wanna be,
So tell me what I'm destined to be
We were really close werent we?
Someone is watching out for me,
Witch is you
So now I'm just sitting here saying sayin',
Rest in peace,
I miss you...

Uh yeeh,
The day you died,
Man you have no idea how much I cried,
I really hope you're watchin out for me,
Like a spirt guide,
I was just so little,

When you asked do you miss me,
I said yes I do get home safe,
You replied, I'm gonna miss you,
I said you don't have too,
You're gonna be home in no time,
And you said I really hope so,
I don't just miss you,
I need you,
I won't forget the times,
I promise you,
That is why I got this tattoo,
Just so if I forget you,
Ill always be lookin' at you,
Rest in peace,
One day we'll meet again,
And I hope that day is soon,
'Cause I can't wait to be next to you again,
You were more then family to me,
You were like my best friend,
And now you're gone
And I guess I have no choice but to move on,
But what if I do want to?
Please speak louder I can't hear you.

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