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You Know I Know

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Howling (1996).

It's so obscene and it's a fact
I'm so serene I thought I'd crack
Another dose and then I might
Not have to say what's on my mind

I'm much too dumb to be debonair
I locked my soul in the frigidaire
You can take it out next time you're there
It's like my clothes, disposable

The party is over before it's begun was I the only one having fun
Confused by abuse of ecstasy my body pleads for me to leave.

I'm sinking in the quicksand of the gifts you've given me prepared to sink,
I swim, I float, I rise eventually

Before I take another breath
You've gone and bought another dress
Adjust my eyes to avoid mistakes
You've gone and bought
Another face.

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