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Wild & Wicked World

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Permanent Revolution (1991).

I'm out in the wild and wicked world
Drunk again without a girl
Like a sailor in a bar
I'm all dressed up and going nowhere
Where's yon damsel in distress
Where's the one to get me out of this mess
Where's the girl with the red dress on
Who's gonna keep me up all night long
She is wild she is pretty
She could come from New York City
She's no rogue like fantasy
If she is a dream
Then this is real to me...
I'm out in the wild and wicked world
Doing deals with Lucifer
Biting the hand from which I'm fed
Shame about my attitude
I love to see prosperity
And wonder when it's coming to me
Where's my reward for sweat and blood
Where do I go to get my prize
Everywhere I look they're driving Mercedes
Drinking wine with expensive women
Indulging in a fantasy
If that is a dream it sure looks real to me...
I'm out in the wild and wicked world
Maybe I should have stayed in bed
I should have had my brain dry cleaned
It's getting dirty and very mean
Shame about your fantasy
Shame about what you have done to me
If there is no justice in this place
I might as well move into outer space
If you don't call that's all right
I'll see you next Saturday night

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