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This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Howling (1996).

The bomb has dropped, its metal touch
Smashes through the senses
God appears then disappears
He's nervous and defensive
His loving cup has been fucked up
It's smashed and broken on the floor
A mongel horde crash through he door
To add to the confusion.
Today I'm lost I drift across
The fields of imagination
Subject to a point of view
Dark and pessimistic
From bad to worse it's like a curse
Somethings gone wrong with the master plan
And looking back I can see the crack
Through which I have fallen.
Oh well it doesn't matter
It's only changes
Changes aren't always dangerous
They're just contagious.
I'm doing time in the shadows
And I'm feeling fine it doesn't matter
Because intelligence is out of luck
I better find myself another look
You could have read me like an open book
But something tells me you won't even look.
The carnival was yesterday
I see the clowns rejected,
Performing tricks out on the street
I paint my face and join the line
The riot squad is standing by
And no one is escaping
My hands are tied my mind is numb
It's beaten and defenseless

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