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Second Coming

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Howling (1996).

Everyone was waiting for the salvation singers
No one was waiting for me.
I lost my invitation to the second coming
So I sabotaged their limousine.
I tried changing places with everybody
That I know
But everyone was out of town so how was I to know
And time goes flying by and I don't mind.
They were waiting for me on the corner last Sunday.
I hid behind a magazine.
They'd got their directions from a minor indiscretion
I wasn't too hard to find.
I tried talking my way out but no one
Would let me in.
Now I know what they were looking for
They thought that I was him.
And time goes flying by
And I don't mind.

They say love's a beautiful thing
They say it can make the heart sing
Well I've been there one or two times
Maybe I'll get back sometime.

At the wheel of the hearse sat my sole recollection
She was looking serene
She'd overstayed her welcome on the road to oblivion, then couldn't get in.
We talked it over and I thought we'd reached an understanding
But really all we had was a lack of expectations
And time still flying by, and I don't mind.

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