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Only Stone

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Howling (1996).

When you cease to believe in miracles
That's when you find that you need one
Lying prostrate before the shrine
Ass in the air and tears falling down
And it's only stone, but it's so cold.
Got dressed in black started singing bad
Confusing and amusing a junkie acrobat
When the mirror cracked
Everybody clapped
I joined the procession I'm not coming back
And it's only stone but it's so cold
Fell into the trap didn't see the catch
Before I felt the whip fall across my back
Might as well get stoned run away from home
I'll see you later in the twilight zone
And it's only stone but it's so cold

Black is the color of my mood tonight
Morbid fascination holds you to me in the moonlight
In a twilight world I hear a savage call
Manic drumbeats echo across the hall
The joker is wild together we dance fortify me for this romance
And it's only stone but it's so cold

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