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This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Howling (1996).

The elements were howling
Moses on the mountain slept
He hadn't got the message yet
And I didn't want to be the one to wake him up
So fatten up the sacred cows
Let's get the butchers to do their stuff
So sharpen up the forks and knives
Get ready for the sacrifice.
I want the godless gift of paradise,
I want to feel you deep inside.
Wild and weirdly the black cat's moan
Give me the voodoo that I want.
Me... I want to go howling, howling at the moon
I want to go prowling where I don't belong.
Because I've got my eyes on you
And I know that you want me too
You make me feel all right
Going to keep it up all night.
Cinderella in the whorehouse wept
Next to the bed in which I slept
I slipped it out at quarter past twelve
She had to leave she couldn't help herself
Just like me she had to go howling

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