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Easy Money

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Everybody Knows The Monkey (1998).

I didn't walk the line
Now I'm in trouble
You can call me a liar
But that's too easy
You had your chance
And now I want mine
I'll be your fuckin' Nazi
That's easy money

I didn't see the sign
I got caught in the headlights
And if I be blind then I don't see you
And if you be mine
Then I'm in the slave trade
Then if I sold you
That's easy money

All the rescuers have gone away
They've gone to save another day
And left me in the lurch
Stopped for petrol
On the motorway
I think that miracles have had their day
I've been too long at sea

It was a good idea
Just the wrong dimension
Any other time
You'd care to mention
Then in your place
I could be you
And you might like that
That's easy money

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