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Drunken Angel

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Spit The Blues Out (2002).

At a million miles a minute
I'm going no where today
Being well and truly in it
There's nothing much to say
But I would go anywhere
If you were by my side
And we could do anything,
Anything that you'd like...

I'm waiting for the time you change water into wine
Swine into silk and make gold from simple twine...
This world is dangerous
Verging on the insane
Maybe you're the thing that keeps me in the line

There is a drunken angel watching over me
And I can do anything as long as it's with me...

I'm getting lost in the mists of time
Taking a break from an untidy mind
But still looking for the that one good time...

I'm standing on an island staring into space
Darkness before my eyes
And rain upon my face
I can do anything because you are by my side
And we can go anywhere, anywhere that you'd like

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