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Cartoon Life

This song is by The Saints and appears on the album Permanent Revolution (1991).

Well I had an opinion
Which I lost along the way
With a little too much slapstick
And too much comedy
I could have been a stand up in the theater
Or a carnival act
I've done my bit for vaudeville
And now there's no looking back
Through this cartoon life...
Well I'm not the only one
I'm reassured by the fact
It's lonely in the funny papers
With a knife stuck in your back
A cardboard cutout for a companion
In a watercolor life
What is real and what is not
Doesn't matter in a cartoon life
This cartoon life...
I don't feel like complaining
I wouldn't trade the life I've had
And I sing no regrets for any that I have
I won't change a thing
Because now I understand
This cartoon life

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