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Volume 1

Compilation by various artists.
  1. Old Time Rider by Clifford Gibson
  2. Handsome Molly by Grayson & Whitter
  3. Last Gold Dollar by Ephraim Woodie & The Henpecked Husbands
  4. Built Right on the Ground by Teddy Darby
  5. George Collins by Roy Harvey & The North Carolina Ramblers
  6. It's Hard to Leave You Sweet Love by Lewis McDaniel & Walter Smith
  7. Cheatin Women by Will Batts
  8. Little Sweetheart Pal of Mine by The Red Fox Chasers
  9. Grave in the Pines by Clayton McMichen
  10. Tired of You Driving Me by Memphis Jug Band
  11. Little Bunch of Roses by Murphy Brothers Harp Band
  12. You'll Miss Me by Alfred Reed & Orville Reed
  13. Experience Blues by Ruth Day
  14. Once I Loved a Railroad Flagman by Frank Jenkins & His Pilot Mountaineers
  15. I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers by Blue Ridge Mountain Singers
  16. Saro by Warren Caplinger's Cumberland Mountain Entertainers
  17. Teasin Brown Blues by Louis Lasky
  18. Lost Love Blues by Dock Boggs
  19. Look on and Cry by Wade Mainer
  20. My Man Left Me by Katherine Baker
  21. Tombigbee River Farewell by Karl And Harty
  22. Baby Will You Please Come Home by Lonnie Johnson
  23. You Are My Sunshine by Wilf Carter

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