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Singin' The Blues Too Long

This song is by The Rascals and appears on the album Once Upon A Dream (1968).

You've been singin' the blues too long
Why don't you try and find a different song?
Been singin' 'bout the blues too long, now
Go on and get yourself a brand new song
You know it's time to make some changes, baby
Changing all the rights from wrongs

You been lying awake all night
Trying to think what you should do
You can't sleep a wink at night
Wondering just what you should do
Well, I got to tell you
Wondering never solved a problem, baby
And only you yourself can pull it through
And I got the answer right here

You know, it don't take much (oh yeah)
To kick yourself free (yeah, yeah)
You got to know where you're going (oh yeah)
And to trust in me
Do all the things (oh yeah)
That you think are right (yeah, yeah)
And there'll be love right from the morning (oh yeah)
Peace all through the night (oh yeah)
Whoa whoa whoa (oh yeah)

Singin' the blues too long
Come on, child, it's a little song
Got no time
I think it's time you travel on
And you can come, uh, with all of us, too

(Oh yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
(Oh yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
(Oh yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
(Oh yeah)
(Oh yeah)
(Oh yeah)

How come you're singing the blues, baby?
Don't you see all the love and the peace and the happiness that's going around?
And we think that it's, uh,
Time to make some changes
After all, 1968
Changing all the rights from the wrongs
Listen, baby
Come on

It gets better (oh yeah)
Every time you try (yeah, yeah)
And once you got it (oh, yeah)
Can't be denied
No time to waste (oh yeah)
No time for faking (yeah, yeah)
And if you don't think so, you don't believe me, baby (oh yeah)
I want you to know that you're mistaken (oh yeah)
Oh, oh (yeah, yeah)
Come on

Too much of the blues around
Got no time for being down
Whoa, oh, please
And I think
I think I got the answer, baby
I want you to
Get up in the morning
Look all around
See the love and the beautiful things that the Lord has put here for us to
Groove on, yeah
It's easy once you try, baby
All you got to do is look inside
Whoa (yeah, yeah, yeah)


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