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Nineteen Fifty Six

This song is by The Rascals and appears on the album Collections (1967).

Babe, you look so pretty
By my side you look so fine
If you think you got me going
Better go and change your mind (your mind, your mind)
'Cause the way that you've been acting
I think it's time to draw that line (that line)

I been good to you, baby
Why you treating me so bad?
I try to make you happy
Turn around, you make me sad (so sad, so sad)
So you're gonna lose me, baby
Best man you ever had (you had)

Now I hope that you are happy
Though you lied to be my friend
I warned you many times
Now you've done it once again (again, again)
Now, girl, there'll be no next time
'Cause this time, this is the end (the end)
Woo-ah, yeah
Woo hoo


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