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Look Around

This song is by The Rascals and appears on the album Freedom Suite (1969).

Look around
Look around
See the wonderful world on the ground
Look around
Look around
Everything is upside down

Bigotry, hate and fear
Got ten million votes this year
But law and order won
Tune in to the royal scene
Sex is Queen, King nicotine
Rule in the land of the free

So look around
Look around
Maybe then you'll understand
Look around, you got to
Look around
Maybe you can lend a hand

Violence on the TV screen
Guns and Ammo magazine
Painting pretty pictures for you
"Hello"'s a word for telephones
Bigger locks on smaller homes
Panthers and pussycats, too

Uh huh, look around
Look around
How much longer can it really go on?
Look around, look, look
Look around
Wake up, put your head back on

It seems there is nothing to bring us together
To believe in with all of your heart
We've all got that something that's deep down inside of us
Love's not a dirty word
That's just the way it's heard
Let me prove it to you

Look around
Look around
In all the world's cities and towns
Look around
Look around
The old walls are tumbling down
There's a new way of living to be found
Every flower, each tree, and each sound
Tells you 'bout the love that's around
And you can find it
Look around
It's down inside
Look around


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