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It's Love

This song is by The Rascals and appears on the album Groovin' (1967).

It's love

Oh, what a crazy feeling
You got my heart reeling
They say it's the weather
But I know much better
(It's love) Makes me feel this way
(It's love) It's more than I can say
(It's love) I know it
I'll show it
I love it
Oh, oh, oh

Oh, what you got me seeing
What I see, I'm believing
There's no doubt about it
I couldn't live without it
(It's love) That's all right with me
(It's love) It's where I wanna be
(It's love) I'll take it, I won't break it
(It's love) I'll make it
'Cause I love you

Do do do do da da
Do do do do da da
Do do do do da da
Do do do do da da da da

Oh, what a wild sensation
Multiple revelations
Don't even need explaining
You'll never see me complaining
'Bout love -- I'm in all the way
(It's love) That's where I'm gonna stay
(It's love) I'll try it
Won't fight it
(It's love) I'll buy it
'Cause I love you
(It's love)
(It's love) Love you
(It's love)
(It's love)

It's love



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