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The Good Doctor

This song is by The Protomen and appears on the album Act II: The Father of Death (2009).

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My father worked the mines until the day it took his life.
Stole him from his only son and it stole him from his wife.
And I swore upon his grave, someday I would make things right.

So I learned how to bend steel. I learned how to make it move,
And I watched as it withstood all the hell we put men through.
With hands of iron, there's not a task we couldn't do.

They've waited so long for this day,
Someone to take the death away,
No son would ever have to say,
"My father worked into his grave."

Tom, listen to yourself, then listen carefully to me.
If you replace the working parts, you get a different machine.
The man who turns the wheels, they will follow
Anywhere he leads.

We've spent our whole lives searching
For a way to make a better world.
Giving everything to them, asking nothing in return.
Well here it is: our chance to take back everything we've earned.

Tom: They've waited so long for this day (Albert: They've waited so long for this day)
Someone to take the death away (There is no price they wouldn't pay)
No son would ever have to say, (For someone else to lead them)
"My father worked into his grave." (Don't turn your back on me!)

Light walked slowly to the window overlooking the city. He knew he had no choice but to turn on the machines. They'd come so far. To turn back now would be failure. Failure of his promise to the city. Failure of his promise to his father. Failure of the promise he'd made to himself.

What will I become with the things I will create?
I never said that men should bow. I never said that men should break
I only want what's best.
The one I love, she works so hard, she works her fingers till they bleed.
Some of the pain that she endures would bring a strong man to his knees.
I only want to help.

(You are a fool.) You underestimate the character of man.
(They are weaker than you think) You think that they'll surrender if you bind their working hands.
But they are strong (Just wait and see.)

We will build cities in a day. (Men would cower at the sight.)
We will build towers to the heavens. (Man was not built for such a height.)
We will be heroes. (We will build heroes.)

Tom reluctantly reached out his hand to the wall and pulled the large metal lever.
For miles, lights flickered under the sudden strain as the machines were brought to life.

They've waited so long for this day,
Someone to take the death away.
No son would ever have to say,
"My father worked into his grave."

Men sleep tonight with hands of bone. They will awake with hands of steel.
And with these hands we will destroy. And with these hands we will rebuild.

And we will stand above the city,
Rising high above her streets.
From tops of buildings we will look
At all that lies beneath our feet.

And we will raise our hands above us,
Cold steel shining in the sun,
And with these hands that will not bleed,
My father's battle will be won!

As Thomas Light left the workshop, descended the stairs, and walked out in the cold night air, his partner surveyed the machines they had spent their lives creating. His gaze shifted from one pair of lifeless eyes to the next, until he came upon a single red light shining through the blacked-out blast shield of a dark green helmet. He shuddered. This was the new face of fear. He quickly turned to exit, the machine striding stoically a few steps behind. The two men were both headed to the same place.

Thomas Light walked slowly through the darkened streets. His mind was racing. His decision, right or wrong, had been made. Nothing could undo it now. He spoke to himself in hurried, hushed tones. Weighing the consequences of his actions. A familiar automobile passed him in the darkness. He was too lost in thought to take notice.

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