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The One Who Loves You Now

This song is by The Proclaimers and appears on the album Restless Soul (2005).

Once you stole away with
A new girl to play with
Breaking each and every vow

But she's ageing badly
And you realize sadly
She's the one who loves you now

What became of old love
Love that you gave the shove
Love you called the old sow

Well she's causing hunger
Looking ten years younger
Than the one who loves you now

So you plumb your shallows
As you murmur 'hello'
Hoping there won't be a row

But she just smiles in pity
At the sagging diddies
Of the one who loves you now

You could do as you please
Find yourself a new squeeze
Make the most of your know how

Or you could just grow up
Give some thanks for your luck
And love the one who loves you now

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