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Lulu Selling Tea

This song is by The Proclaimers and appears on the EP King of the Road (1990).

May I be allowed to voice dissent
Over the Sixties, and what they meant
'Cause I've been listening for twenty years
The anecdotes ring in my ears
From people who were over the age of consent

Now I don't recall too much long hair
At least not around where we used to stay
The only guy we thought was okay
Who wore his hair the Beatles way
Was a Belfast boy that Man United play

Mother's Pride on the table, Batman on TV
A Man in a Suitcase, and Daktari and Skippy
Jimmy Clitheroe, Colin Stein, and Lulu selling tea
Going to school in the dark, in the winter

The view from beneath my balaclava
The world from four feet off the floor
Must have had its limitations
Without my adult complications
But I can only report what I saw

And I saw...

Lucky bags, Bazooka Joes, animal tracks on my shoes
I was sooking milk through a straw
In the middle of the morning
Saturday morning pictures, and fireworks getting thrown
Football songs in the shelter in the playground
St Cuthbert's horses pulling the carts of the milkmen

You know, it's funny, but
I don't recall too much long hair

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