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Roll on River

This song is by The Okee Dokee Brothers, features Garth Hudson and appears on the album Can You Canoe? (2012).

Well a river lives one long life
From the raindrops to the sea
And I am somewhere in the middle
I'm just keeping good company

As a baby you were tiny
You were curious and free
As you grew up you grew stronger
You grew beautiful and serene

Roll on river to the ocean
Roll on round that river bend
Roll on river to the ocean
Where we soon will meet again

Oh that river keeps on rollin'
Made of water soil and sand
Splits this nation into two sides
As it unifies one great land

When I come to my final ocean
I know this thought will keep me warm
All the water in this whole world
Never dies it just changes form


Written by:

Justin Lansing, Joe Mailander

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