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The Pizzeria

This song is by The Nits and appears on the album Les Nuits (2006).

I had a terrible dream
The hour was early
I walk in my neighbourhood
I turn a corner

I see a river of blood
With angels drowning
Devils with black parachutes
Fall down with bare feet
On the street
With sound of a thunder
Incredibly loud
My hands are on my ears

I had a beautiful dream
The hour was late
I felt incredibly light
A hundred keys in thousand pieces
Were flying like dragonflies
Over my head into the street
It was a beautiful sight
Like icicles in light

I had a terrible dream
The ovens in the pizzeria
Were burning like hell
And the dryers in the laundrette
Were turning red
It was a terrible sight
I heard the barcodes beep


  • Composed by: H. Hofstede, R. Kloet, R. J. Stips
  • Lyrics written by: H. Hofstede
  • Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by: Nits and Paul Telman

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