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DJ Seduces Sonny

This song is by The New Power Generation and appears on the album Exodus (1995).

Sonny T.?
Hey man, sorry 4 fuckin' up your turn-tables Mr. DJ
(Brother Jules)
That, that, that's cool man, that's cool
Y'all didn't have 2 break my hundred fifty dollar glasses though
But just 2 show you that there ain't no hard feelings (Mmm)
I got a couple of ladies here I wanna introduce 2 ya (Ah)
Prime beef boy, check it out (Mmm mmm)
Check it out

It's very nice 2 meet y'all, won't you ladies have a seat? (Mmm)
Ha ha ha ha (Ah)
Sonny T., yeah, fuckin' with me, right (Mmm)
Wait till he gets a couple of sips of that hallucination rain
Ha ha ha ha
Ain't gonna be nuttin' nice, nuttin' nice
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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