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Darling Shade

This song is by The New Pornographers and appears on the album Whiteout Conditions (2017).

When you add your voice to bad choices
Then you're not-so-white becomes mannered
Stripping down the walls like quicksilver
Dripping down as slowly as solvent

And for you, the Pulitzer Prize
For stepping into traffic
Now anew the Americas
You broke through, you're laughing

We have found no use for the profane
Searching for the gods in our corners
With the ignorance of a poet
An unbreakable focus of mortars

Darling shade our shadows
Darling shade, a shadow

Was it singing from the bad choices
Or is it singing without a pretense
When you give your mind to your voices
You accept the terms of your sentence

And for you the Pulitzer Prize
For time served, you're walking
And now, anew the Americas
You broke through, it's nothing

Darling shade our shadow

You can get to climb the new tower
Thinking you could learn a new language
Don't you want to turn a few favors
Since you left everybody hanging

Darling shade our shadows

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