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Morning Girl

This song is by The Neon Philharmonic and appears on the album The Moth Confesses (1969).

This song has been covered by Ronnie Von under the title "Onde Foi".
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Morning Girl
Mornin' girl, how'd ya sleep last night?
You're sev'ral ages older now
Your eyes have started showin' how
The little girl's growin' now

Mornin' girl, was that you last night?
Crying on the radio
Beggin' for a way to go
To go back where love wasn't jumbled so

Oh, no, things are different now than they were before
You know love is more than kisses
A whole lot more

Mornin' girl, put your dreams away
And read your box Cherrios
And powder-puff that pretty nose
And go out and find your man where the wild wind blows
Mornin' girl


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