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It's up to You

This song is by The Muppets.

Be pilot and go for a flight
Take us all to dinner in your jet some night
Or be the first farmer in history
To figure out a way to grow an ice cream tree
What about an international spy?
You could be an agent for the FBI
Or you could be a singer at the top of the charts
Of course you'd hire us to sing the background parts
You can have the things you want
If you know what you're lookin' for
There's a world of possibilities
All you gotta do is open the door
Be, be, be whatcha want to be
Do, do, do whatcha want to do
Be, be, be whatcha want to be
It's up to you
Be a doctor and heal the sick
Or a football star, I can certainly kick
Be a playwright, put us in your plays
Or you can be a teacher give ev'ryone A's
Be a plumber, or a painter or a...
Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States!
Yeah, thank you, thank you
Oh oh oh oh it's all up to you


Written by:

O'day; Liebhart

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