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This song is by The Mountain Goats and appears on the EP Babylon Springs (2006).

I got off work just past eleven
Laid one finger to the breeze
You can almost taste the action
On nights like these
Trees were bending in the wind
You were forty miles away
And I was headed in your direction
I've been waiting all day, I've been waiting all day

Moon over west covena was huge and white
And I was like a patient on a table
Headed for the light
Lean toward the center divider
Feel the wind in my hair
Keep a light up in your window
I'm gonna be right there, I'm gonna be right there

With a gleam in my eye
And an almost airtight alibi

Down by the chemistry building
I found a quiet place to park
And I made my way down the street toward your place
Stepping lightly in the dark
Climbed the steps up to your doorway
Like a man prepared to jump underneath a train
It's real warm outside tonight
Maybe tomorrow it rains, maybe tomorrow it rains

Inside your room we shut the window
And we turned on a fan
And we lay there together in the darkness
I can keep a secret if you can
Finishing one another's sentences
Like a pair of identical twins
Your boyfriend's out of town until Tuesday
And nobody saw me come in, nobody saw me come in

With a gleam in my eye
And an almost airtight alibi

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