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This Is My House (But Nobody Calls)

This song is by The Moody Blues and appears on the 2006 reissue of the album The Magnificent Moodies (1965).

This is my house but nobody calls
When I'm there, when I'm there
Even a mouse would be welcome
To sit in my chair
He can sit in anyplace he wants
Be welcomed as a friend
If I can't have human love
At least I can pretend

This is my house but nobody calls
When I'm home, when I'm home
It is a house that is destined
To be all alone

All alone

People from the village pass by
They don't take a glance
They don't want to talk to me
Across the garden fence

Nobody calls me to see what I'm like
Nobody sees me in the limelight
I'm ripe and I'm waiting
For a knock on the door
One night I won't be surprised
When somebody calls


Written by:

Jerry Laine and Mike Pinder

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