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My Hair

This song is by The Maine and appears on the album American Candy (2015).

My hair
Is tired and it's falling out
But before it all does
I think I will let it all down
I'll grow it out
Like it's the sixties man
Because I feel young enough
And just because I can

Grow your hair out
Let your hair down
While you still can
Because it'll fall out
You'll go bald
Like an old man
Put the top down
Let your locks blow around
Driving through town without a care
Grow it to the ground, let it all down everywhere
Grow out your hair

The other morning as I rolled on out
Of my bed I got tripped up by something on the ground
My curls
Had grown all the way to the floor
I kinda like the way it looks
I'll grow it out some more

Nobody's gonna tell me how to wear my hair
Not my momma or a big wig millionaire
I'll let it all down anywhere
I'll let it all down everywhere
See I don't care
If you all care
It's on my head
And it's not your hair

Nobody's gonna tell me how to wear my hair

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