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English Girls

This song is by The Maine and appears on the album American Candy (2015).

The girls are crying
On the corner
Because the boys all left
And they've had too much to drink
We're in London
Mid October
He's convinced the blonde by the bar just gave him a wink
And the words he spoke left me in disbelief

He said
"Smoke whatever you've got left,
It's getting late and we don't have much to lose"
Well she said,
"English girls they just like sex"
I couldn't believe when he said "I've got news for you,"
"American boys do too."

Her face went red as
The words left his tongue and
She rolls up a cigarette and he strikes a paper match
I can tell he's pouring honey
Into her ear as
Us teenage kids were getting pissed on cider and black

He pins her against the wall
Tells her she's beautiful
She says she's going home
That's when he said...

And that boy he is a drifter
Tomorrow he'll be far away
And the moment before he kissed her...

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