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American Candy

This song is by The Maine and appears on the album American Candy (2015).

What will you do on the weekends
When your best friends
Become your dead friends?
From all the sugar
And all the sweetness
This little sweet tooth
It is your weakness

They've got American candy
You're sweet and sated
So sedated
For the American kids
You're hooked and baited
Even if you wanted to
You couldn't stop it's just so sweet
But this American candy
It'll rot your teeth

Try to think back to back to a time when
You loved what you loved because you loved it
Before the sugar
And all the sweetness
Filled up your lungs now
It's all you breath in

Sometimes I feel as though I'm going mad when
I get a touch of saccharine
On my lips
I hate the taste on my tongue
Too damn sweet
I don't fancy
American candy

It'll rot your teeth until your gums they bleed

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