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Tell Em Why U Madd (1999)

The Madd Rapper - Tell Em Why U Madd

Tell Em Why U Madd

  1. I'm Madd
  2. Dot Vs. TMR
  3. Talk Show (Intro)
  4. You're All Alone
  5. That's What's Happenin'
  6. Dice Game
  7. Roll With the Cat
  8. How We Do
  9. Stir Crazy
  10. D-Dot Interview
  11. Ghetto
  12. Surviving the Game
  13. Bongo Break
  14. Whateva
  15. Too Many Ho's
  16. Bird Call
  17. Not the One
  18. They Just Don't Know
  19. Esta Loca
  20. Shysty Broads
  21. Talk Show (Outro)
  22. Wildside
  23. Car Jack
  24. How to Rob

Songs Featuring The Madd Rapper

Other Songs

  1. Dot Vs. Tmr (Remix)
  2. How I Do
  3. Tmr Freestyle

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The Madd Rapper is a performance name for Deric Michael Angelettie.

Also known as:

Madd RapperDa Mad RapperDa Madd RapperMad RapperMaddRapperThe Maad RapperThe Mad RapperTMR II

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