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A Seaman's Girl

This song is by The Louvin Brothers and appears on the album Weapon of Prayer (1962).

She stands all alone on the seashore
As the waves plain near her feet
Looking over the distant horizon
At a ship in this silent retreat

As a sad moon shines down upon her
She whispers a fond farewell
To the man she loves aboard the ship
For she's a seaman's girl

A seaman's girl lives a life that is lonely
While her man is gone out to sea
The smile that she wears as she's seeing him on
Seems to hide her fuse and misery

And a love that she bears for her seafaring man
Will live on for evermore
Though the life beloved gives on the sea
And her lives on the shore

True is the love that is burning
In the heart of a seaman's girl
It's the waiting gain but she never complain
She wouldn't trade him for all of this world

Her tears she hides from her seaman
Though they may never kiss nomore
While he meets with the dangers of a deep rolling sea
A seaman's girl must wait on the shore

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