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Generic Up-Tempo Folk Song

This song is by The Limeliters and appears on the album Until We Get It Right (1999).

Song of the Day
January 28, 2015
This is our uptempo folk song
The one we use to start the show!
Our up-tempo folk song,
The kind every folk singer ought to know!
The kind that sets your toes a tapping and makes you want to sing along.
It's the one we stole from the Kingston Trio
Generic up tempo folk song!

This is the middle of our up temo folk song
It's called the second verse
You gotta sing it warm and tender
To make it sound different from the first.
This is when we look at all the people
Just to see who is around
And if we sing the second verse softly
The crowed usually quiets down.

This is the bridge and it's really exciting
It was a different plan
The purpose of the bridge is to get from the middle
To the beginning of the end!

This is our up tempo folk song
The end is drawing near
And by now you're so gosh-darn excited
You want to stand right up and cheer!
So lets say "hurray" for our folk survivors
May they sing forever strong!
And for the land of the brave and free
Generic up tempo folk song!

(Hit it, Bill)

So lets say "hurray" for our folk survivors
May they sing forever strong
May they shed a tear
Each time they hear
Generic up tempo folk song!

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