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Morning, Noon & Night (2012)

The Lightnin 3 - Morning, Noon & Night

Morning, Noon & Night

  1. Air Chance
  2. Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over) (featuring Brisa Roché)
  3. Show Me (featuring Ndidi O.)
  4. Bette Davis Eyes (featuring Rosemary Standley)
  5. Cherry Bomb (featuring Ndidi O.)
  6. The Safety Dance (featuring Brisa Roché)
  7. The Light Pours Out of Me (featuring Rosemary Standley)
  8. I Want Your Sex (featuring Ndidi O.)
  9. Thirteen (featuring Brisa Roché)
  10. I'm Not Like Everybody Else (featuring Rosemary Standley)
  11. You're No Good (featuring Brisa Roché)
  12. Love & Communication (featuring Ndidi O.)

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