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Bitches From Eastwick

This song is by The LOX and appears on the album Money, Power & Respect (1998).

Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh
Aiyyo I woke up in a daze with the slight headache
You know the usual the studio gettin' red late
Serious jet lag when I get to bed late
That why I fuck 'cause I be weak when I get head late
Today I got a session with Ronnie I mean Veronica
Met her last year about a week before Hanukkah
Sounds foolish I mean honey wasn't jewish
But she had a lot of dough and she was nice on computers
She told me she was born and raised in Bermuda
And came here to get a job as a tutor
I pursued make a long story short screwed her
She moved and she came back still on the same track
Same with same chips ass it was still fat
I ain't really think she was a freak
But she did ask a lotta questions bout Stylez and Sheik
She called me and said she was in town fo a week
The Westside, Manhattan, the Suite and the Marquise
How I felt about gettin' up fo old times sake
I'ma bring Stylez and Sheik with me datta be great
Jus have two friendz we gon bring the truck and the new Benz
Desert in the stashin the Sony cam zoom lens
All have ourselves one big hell of a weekend
Eat at Puff's joint an catch a show at the beacon
Twist a dutch blaze from Y-O to the Hudson
Pass the tall one 2-5 we still puffin'
We got the heat on a cold night 'n' the winter
Stylez you remember, Sheek you remember

Oh yeah, I remember them hoes that night
We was at the beacon right
Chris Tucker performing
All of us was in there outside it was stormin
Cats and Dogs
Aiyyo dese hoes was tough
Besides the air condition on high we was icy enough
From my neck to the belt buckle to our shoes shall I go on
With 5 of us up front he needed shades to perform
Mose from the floor up we inside toe up
I drink they smoke no coke
Besides the shit he said on stage the cash we had on us was no joke
I slid four seats down she sittin' there smilin'
Lookin' like she from an island not them chicks that be out wylin'
Told me that her name was Cindy
Favorite show Mork and Mindy
Favorite color green no kids but plan to have plenty
We chit den chat bout this 'n' that
From what kind of whip she push
To what bar she be at
She played hard to get
But we made it from the movie to the jacuzzi
From the jacuzzi to the bed
We fucked until we both got woozy
Woke up breath stinkin'
Yawnin' and shit
I smelt breakfast in the kitchen but where was the bitch
I walked in there it was cheese eggs and grits on the table
With beef sausages and orange juice next to the cable
With a note sayin' sorry I had to rob you baby but
I need cash like you I ain't your ordinary slut
Or dick teaser please I need food in my freezer
And by the time you read this note I done been spent yo Visa

I remember Beatrice but niggas like me call her B
'Cause she like to fuck doggy style plus hold the D
But now I got to handle this 'cause they scandalous
Cindy robbed Sheek and moved to Los Angeles
Like I won't kill her friends
Went to bounce they stole a Benz
Note in the garage
To y'all entourage
Y'all 3 rugged niggas but y'all gotta get robbed
Don't take it personal we didn't finish the job
Menage a trois
We kill niggas with they dick hard
They got me lookin' at the letter stuck
Why the fuck they left the truck
3 bitches in my house
Probably try to wet me up
Crept to the kitchen
Seen Ronnie by the cabinet
Tried the gun holster with the forty fo magnet
Shot her in the heart
Den caught the urge to stabbin' it
Den I seen Cindy
The bitch tried to end me
Running out the living room
Bustin' off the semi
The bitch couldn't aim
So I blew her out the frame
Turned around to Beatrice
Why you look speechless
We could have lived it up and jus fucked on the beaches
And now you gotta die
And the stupid bitch is reaching
Before I cocked it back
I heard tires screeching
Saw Sheek and Jay and
Started muthafucking squeezin'


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